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Broken Sword 5:
The Serpent's Curse

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When Revolution software approached Rolling Snowballs to provide a film to front a Kickstarter campaign aimed at securing the finance to produce a fifth instalment in their hugely successful Broken Sword series, we jumped at the chance.


Produced with Revolution C.E.O. Charles Cecil and directed by Chris Brooke, the resulting film was central to attracting interest in the campaign and explaining its goals and aims.  The project was enormously successful, with the film being shown on British, German and French television and attracting well over 100,000 online views, as well being screened at the BAFTA video games awards.


During the 30 day campaign we were required to devise and provide several update videos to maintain the momentum generated by the initial film.


The result was the campaign exceeded the target of amount of $400,000 by more than double with just over $800,000 raised through Kickstarter and PayPal investments, making it the second ever most successful Kickstarter campaign at the time.

Chris also produced and edited additional video material to support the release of the game including a mixed live-action / animated trailer for the official release on PC, Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Broken Sword 5 (English) PS4 Trailer - Out Now!
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“Rolling Snowballs set a new benchmark with the Kickstarter campaign, showing everyone else how it should be done.


Their films have been a hugely valuable tool for promoting our games”




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