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Revolution 25th Anniversay

Documentary   |   Series   |  Multi-language 

A commission by German publishers Koch Media, to produce a retrospective documentary which would form a major part of the 25th Anniversary box set of Revolution Software's back catalogue of hugely successful video games.   Directed and edited by Chris John Brooke, the film was produced as six episodes which formed part of an interactive timeline documenting the highs and lows of Revolution's journey and offering insights in to the complexity of the video gaming industry.


We travelled all over the country to interview notable contributors including graphic novel creator Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Martha Washinton Goes to War, Rogue Trooper) and composer Barrington Pheloung (Inspector Morse, Lewis). This documentary is being hailed as one of the most detailed of its kind within the video games industry.

The boxset was a PC only release and the films are currently available through Steam.

"An extremely informative and well-made series"

9/10 - Steam Recommended

Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection Trailer | English
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